Academics Test

Based on our approach to educational philosophy, our curriculum reflects the values we believe in and is a practical path to shaping our students into well-groomed, balanced and matured individuals.

We are constantly refining our curriculum to create the best growth in our students.

Pre – Primary Section

In pre-primary section, the children are taught academics as per their age, but more focus is given to their physical, social, emotional and mental development.

Our kids play various games and perform numerous activities to explore their hidden potential.

Primary Section

We follow Telangana State syllabus for academics of primary section. We make concepts easy to understand by using tools such as experiments, smart classrooms, activities, games, models, etc. Sports, art & crafts, field trips and book club are also an integral part of our curriculum.


Our curriculum is executed by a perfect blend of technology and conventional tools which creates the ideal teaching methodology. The teachers at our school believe in the philosophy that we stand for and use teaching methods which are consistent with our approach towards education.

Our academic practices and methods are based on the research and studies that show how to teach students effectively with conceptual understanding. We are minimizing unproductive work for both teachers and students through consistently refining teaching methodology. These hours are being utilized to discover and groom the potential of children.

Assessment and Evaluation

By assessment and evaluation, we inculcate the habits of working, developing skills, exploring the potential and building confidence in children. Our evaluation is based on the conceptual understanding of the student rather than rote-learning.