Director’s Message

The school is established with a purpose of human excellence. I know, we must cross several milestones to reach the goal. I believe it’s a continuous process and no quick fix approach can attain this objective. We are working persistently to attain this aim.

We have a child-centric education system. We are primarily focusing on four dimensions for holistic growth of children. Specifically, Discovering Potential, Inspiring for Life Long Learning, Retaining the fundamental Nature (Fitrath) of individual, and Academic & Human Excellence.    

The world is changing rapidly. Hence, children are to be nurtured to make them creative genius. They must accept the challenges of the next era. Children must be courageous to travel on unexplored path of their own passion.

We believe when a man understands and analyzes himself, and explore the world then with time, he shall reach the maximum extent of his potential. We are evolving the system through research, principles and multiple intelligence techniques to detect the inherent potential of a child so that he may rise to greater height in the chosen field.

Children need inspiration for lifelong learning. We inspire our children for lifelong learning to become great personalities.

“Every child is created on his nature“-Hadith.

When we see the life of every prophet, then it is obvious that they were on their own nature on which they were created.

Keeping the ladder on the right wall of success, guiding the people, working for a mission and vision was the fundamental responsibility of every prophet.This is the need of the hour to create the great leaders, in every dimension of human sphere, to guide and direct the humanity for peace and justice. We provide such an environment, wherein he can retain his fundamental nature (Fitrath) on which he was created.