We organize various events for our students to nurture their different potential.

Red Colour Day:  Nature has many colours, which makes the world beautiful. Each colour has its own meaning. Red symbolizes vitality. Indeed, Red will have a long-lasting effect on each student.

Yellow Colour Day: Yellow colour can influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, things and ideas. As White symbolizes Purity and Green symbolizes life, Yellow is for wisdom and intellectual energy.

Vegetable Day: To give practical exposure to the students as per their syllabus, children visit various places through educational field trip.

Fancy Dress Competition: Kids fill colours in everybody’s life. How wonderful, amazing, colourful and charming they are. Fancy dress competition is the blend of colours. worldly language cannot support us to truly represent the beauty of children. Every kid is above the competition.

Field Trip: Field Trip is the journey to learn from nature. It is the journey where these tiny charming shrubs feel and touch the nature. It is the participation in social life. It improves their visualization capacity and the children enjoy it a lot.

Green Week :  It’s Fun! – Green week is a great time to plan fun, educational, and action-oriented activities. Celebrating Green Week  can be a great way for schools to showcase classroom environmental education, highlight efforts to make the school facility “Green”, or to engage the whole school community in making a difference.

Caring and Sharing week: Joy of sharing week is an opportunity for our little ones to learn, explore and share various things with their friends in the school.

Meeting with Service people:Meeting with service people gives them understanding to respect every profession. It is practical understanding towards their syllabus.

Potential Explore Week :  Potential Explore Week is a great way to identify and recognize student’s potential. We developed various activities and games to detect their potential.