The core purpose of organizing events for parents is to enlighten them, to properly nurture our kids and to lead the people who surrounds us, the community, the society and the Nation.

More often we observe that kids are smart when they are young, but generally they lost their intelligence as they grow, the reason may be that we fail to properly nurture and guide them. For this reason, we must consistently educate ourselves to impart the best values to our kids, show them the right direction, help them take correct decisions and enable them to have a clear vision.

Children need a leader, a champion, a role model, who can inspire and guide them as they grow, as per their age, their demand, their psychology, their thought process and their physical requirements.

It is utmost important to develop ourselves to guide our kids in the best way, so that their wisdom should not be lost.  We must have a vision, based on which, we may have better dreams for our kids. Our behavior and intellectual capacities will dictate our personality as role model for them. Our decision-making skills should not harm our kids.