Principal’s Message

We established this school with the sincere intention to impart the best education to our students to achieve success in both the worlds.

Nurturing young minds with a focus on their all round development is central to everything we do. We have appropriate student-teacher ratio for providing individual attention to each child, addressing their diverse learning needs and realising their inherent potential.

Students of this generation need critical thinking skills, self-awareness and confidence that will empower them to take on unfamiliar challenges. They need to work innovatively, collaboratively, ethically, and creatively across boundaries and diverse disciplines.

We believe education must be beyond the four walls of a classroom to groom our children to accept the challenges of the 21st century. We inspire our students to question and learn by doing. We consistently enhance their skills and leadership qualities like courage, optimism and integrity to pursue their own dreams.

There are several opportunities for each individual to explore and hone their unique talent. We inspire our students to persevere, participate and to take responsibility for their own development towards becoming successful personalities.

Through the years, our students are excited every day to attend school as learning here is fun and jubilant. Charming Shrubs – The School not only imparts academic knowledge to the students but also inculcates in them character and etiquettes which prepare them for better social interaction.

We have designed a balanced curriculum which fosters physical and mental capabilities and nourishes their spirituality. This type of curriculum is to establish a strong foundation of learning with play based method in early ages.  We create safe and caring environment for holistic development in children.

Our school helps the children to identify their potential and aptitude and provides a platform to enhance it. Our greatest goal is to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to reach his / her full potential. We believe that every child has the capacity to grow and succeed if nurtured with dedication, passion and professionalism. We provide a comprehensive educational experience that combines academic excellence with Islamic values and develops a sense of civic responsibility to become contributing members of a global society.

We believe in team work and it’s my sincere hope that all of us will work together to achieve desired results. Our school is taking responsibility of every CHARMIAN to grow them to be caring and compassionate leaders of our community and the world in which we live.

Our students, right from the Nursery grade, are trained to develop cognitive, communication and thinking skills. They are encouraged to participate in interactive learning processes and pursue varied research activities. Apart from the formal subjects namely Languages, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, our students excel in Entrepreneurship, Team Work, Public Speaking and multiple activities from an early age itself.

The Holy Quran has many verses mentioning the qualities of the Muflihoon (Successful personalities). We inspire our Students to develop these qualities. I pray to almighty Allah to shower his blessings on the young CHARMIANS to focus on their cherished goals, strive to accomplish their dreams and to become Muflihoon.